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Public relations revolves around the development and maintenance of a company's/an organisation's relationships with all of those who, for any number of different reasons, may have a commercial interest in the company/the organisation in question. They may be shareholders, they may be employees, or it is possible that they are neighbouring firms or perhaps, customers. By focusing on their different concerns, on the basis of strategic communications we are able to create understanding and trust – which form the most important bases for the commercial or socio-political success. These days, more options are available than ever before to help us to achieve these goals – and that's what makes PR so exciting and successful.

Strategic Counselling and Concept Development

By following strategically planned communication guidelines, we exploit every available opportunity for our clients – both in the analogue and the digital world.

  • Strategic counselling
  • Development of long-term corporate communication concepts

contact: Susanne Senft; +43 1 219 85 42 23

Media Work

The introduction of digital media has changed this area of PR significantly. Of course, classic tools such as press releases or background talks are still key measures in this respect, but today they have to be seen against the background of digital communications. Below is a brief list of available methods:

  • Press releases
  • Press conferences
  • Background talks
  • Press trips
  • Online portals
  • Blogger relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Communications controlling

contact: Eva Fesel; +43 1 219 85 24 33

Corporate Design

Equally important as using the right words is how these words are presented. For this reason, we consider corporate design as an important PR activity. Our world gets increasingly louder and more diverse. So you need a clear profile to be recognised and understood.

  • Development of corporate designs
  • Implementation of corporate designs across all corporate divisions
  • Further development of existing corporate design schemes
  • Corporate publishing

contact: Felicitas Siegl-Linhart; +43 1 219 85 42 32

Corporate Web/Social Media

The internet as a platform for presentation and interaction gains in importance every year – for our clients and for us as an agency. This is why we have successfully cooperated with our partner agency protoss in this field for many years.

  • Development and realisation of web-based corporate presentations
  • Ongoing management of corporate websites
  • Management of online press platforms
  • E-mail marketing
  • Counselling

contact: Bianca Schmidt, +43 1 219 85 42 24

Videos/Moving Image Communication

You only have to look at the tremendous success of YouTube or the click rates of Facebook to see the great importance of video in communications. Even complex issues can be conveyed in a way that is easy to understand in a very short time.

  • How-to videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Interviews

contact: Eva Fesel; +43 1 219 85 24 33


Even though, or maybe just because, our world becomes more and more digital, personal emotional experiences remain an integral part of communication. For this reason, events in all their different forms are indispensable public relations tools. We offer you advice and support in planning your events and cooperate with experienced partners in realising and implementing your plans.

  • Definition of goals in accordance with the basic corporate communication strategy
  • Planning and development of events
  • Project and budget management

contact: Bianca Schmidt, +43 1 219 85 42 24

Evaluation and Controlling

Everything starts and ends with a clear definition of objectives. We see controlling as a steering instrument. Only if we know which measures have led to which results, will we be able to optimise communications on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, we need to have detailed knowledge of the relevant media coverage and discussions on online platforms, and above all we need to know whether communications contributed to achieving the corporate goals.

  • Quantitative/qualitative media monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Use of balanced scorecards
  • Analyses based on the impact level model of DPRG and PRVA
  • Combination of corporate and communication goals

Kontakt: Susanne Senft; +43 1 219 85 42 23