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The BAU.GENIAL interest group was founded in 2005 with the aim to promote lightweight construction. Through well-targeted communication measures senft & partner has established BAU.GENIAL in the public consciousness as THE platform for lightweight construction.

  • BAU.GENIAL Preis 2016 Gesundheit & Pflege


Our public relations work for BAU.GENIAL comprises all areas of public communications: from strategic counselling to the textual and graphic design of print products and the baugenial.at website. Moreover, we try to maintain close communication with representatives of the press and other stakeholders, such as architects, building owners and contracting businesses. 

We support the recognition and reputation of BAU.GENIAL by designing and disseminating corporate brochures, leaflets and press information. The organisation of press and public events is important for the development of contacts. We maintain an excellent network with trade media in the construction and housing sectors and also use new focus groups for BAU.GENIAL’s communications work

In 2014, BAU.GENIAL has adopted an entirely new strategic position. In contrast to previous years, where activities focused on the construction industry, this year’s top priority is the hotel sector, where some outstanding lightweight buildings have been realised over the last few years. An Architecture Award brings these buildings into the spotlight and thus also draws attention to the efficiency of timber as a construction material.

This new strategy is also reflected in the successful relaunch of the baugenial.at website, which we have realised together with our partner protoss. It has two major goals: to demonstrate the efficiency of timber construction and to facilitate the networking among architects, building owners and contracting businesses.

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