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Since 2011, Gaulhofer and senft & partner have collaborated with a joint vision for increasing the media coverage of Austrian high-quality products to raise their profile in the public consciousness. Apart from the strategic implementation of corporate communications, product communication plays a major role in public relations work.

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As one of Austria’s leading manufacturers of windows and doors, Gaulhofer combines technical innovation and a strong sense of tradition. With its claim "Windows for People with Visions", the company emphasises the major significance of building for each individual, whether private home builders, large commercial building owners, architects or interior decorators.

Through comprehensive media work and targeted media cooperation, senft & partner enhances Gaulhofer’s presence in the public eye. Press conferences, round tables and individual interviews serve to support the company’s positive image. When it comes to organising events or opening showrooms, we facilitate communication with media representatives and other sections of the public, such as university institutions, construction or contracting businesses, architects and planners.

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