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We are a team
of experienced communications experts from different disciplines – from strategic counselling, corporate design, copywriting and editing to evaluation – providing our services in the world of print media as well as online and in personal meetings.

We take the term “public relations” quite literally. Whenever it comes to relations between enterprises/organisations and the general public or particular dialogue groups, we can support our clients in reaching their goals in the best possible way.

This brings us to a central feature of the way we understand ourselves. The aims of communications work must always support the aims of the company. For this reason, PR is a strategic tool of corporate management. It requires accurate analysis, well-defined targets, clear strategic planning and the kind of flexibility needed to respond effectively to unforeseen events. And finally it needs to be accompanied by controlling measures to see whether you are on the right track and hence to be able to steer the right course.

For these reasons, PR comes with a high level of responsibility and exacting ethical aspirations. A profound level of education and long standing experience are indispensable – as well as perfected quality management. Our certification according to the Austrian Seal of PR Quality represents our clear commitment to the highest standards.

  • Susanne Senft

    Susanne Senft

    Founder and CEO
    President PRVA

    "Communication is one of the major corporate value drivers. Ideally, every decision is checked for how it will presumably be perceived by the stakeholders. We need people’s trust, because it is them who finally determine a company’s reputation – and thus a company’s success. When trust is at stake, there can be no short-term tactical manoeuvring – only open and consistent dialogue."

    +43 1 219 85 42-23
    +43 664 248 72 75

  • Eva Fesel

    Eva Fesel

    Senior Consultant

    "Never before did we have so many ways and options in communications as today. If you don’t want to get lost in this jungle, you need a clear strategy. Only on this basis can we decide which channels to use in the best possible way. And there’s only one question to guide us: Will this medium, will this measure contribute to achieving our client’s goals?"

    +43 1 219 85 42-33

  • Felicitas Siegl-Linhart

    Felicitas Siegl-Linhart


    "The presentation of contents is as important as the contents themselves. As we are increasingly flooded by information and as the images themselves get louder and louder, a clear design becomes all the more important. If you want to be seen and noticed, you need a clear profile and the high recognition value related with it. Creativity is no end in itself, but always has to support the overall communication goal."

    +43 1 219 85 42-32

  • Gabriele Diwald

    Gabriele Diwald

    Office Management, Finances

    "Every team needs clear structures to work efficiently and effectively. Ideally you don’t notice them, because everything runs smoothly. In order to keep it that way we need to modify them from time to time. This ensures clear and transparent project management – for our clients and for us, just as it is demanded by the guidelines of the Austrian PR quality label."

    +43 1 219 85 42-0

Our awards

  • 2015 Nomination Best of Publishing Award
  • 2014 Finalist International German PR Award 2014 CSR for bellaflora
  • 2014 VAMP Award "Guerilla Marketing" for bellaflora "Flight of the Bumblebee"
  • 2014 Ellis Kopel Award for bellaflora
  • 2013 Nomination National PR Award / Winner „Corporate PR“ for bellaflora
  • 2011 Best PRactice Award, 2nd place for VELUX
  • 2010 Best PRactice Award, 3rd place for The Austrian Federation for the Deaf
  • 2009 Best PRactice Award, 3rd place for RIGIPS
  • 2004 Best PRactice Award, 3rd place for Austrian Solar Shading Association

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